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Location: Burlington, Washington

Project Overview

Prior to joining JTK Engineering, our now lead JTK engineer provided HVAC design for our parent company Nordic Temperature Control for the new 40,000 square foot cold storage building located in Burlington, Washington.

The facility includes a high-tech Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration System for the food processing facility in Skagit County.  Waste heat from the system was utilized for the radiant floor frost heave system as well as hydronic fan coils serving the loading dock and facility amenity spaces.

Nordic Temperature Control and JTKs now lead engineer were an essential part of the equation to optimize the safety and effectiveness of the new system. It is rewarding to know that our HVAC technician’s efforts during this project work to maintain the highest quality craftsmanship and best practices for the CO2 HVAC-R system.

Transcritical CO2 System

In transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems, often referred to as booster systems, the CO2 operates sometimes or exclusively above the critical point. Unlike subcritical systems, transcritical CO2 systems include a gas cooler to dissipate heat and utilize a high-pressure expansion valve to control introduction into the evaporator. Transcritical CO2 booster systems are the best solution for using natural refrigerants in a retail context.

There are a few notable benefits associated with opting for transcritical CO2. First, when compared to other refrigerants, carbon dioxide is much cheaper on a per-pound basis. For example, R-410A, a popular HFC refrigerant, averages between $6 and $8 per pound. On the other hand, we regularly buy CO2 for less than a dollar a pound.

Unlike synthetic refrigerants like R-134 and R-404A, which have Global Warming Potentials of 1400 and 3260, respectively, CO2’s is negligible with a Global Warming Potential of 1. Because of this, CO2 is often referred to as “future proof,” meaning that as regulatory agencies continue to evaluate and outlaw synthetic refrigerants due to environmental reasons, CO2 will remain a viable option.

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